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the best in retro with doctormix

Welcome to my new site. Finally, after airing in more than 100 radio stations & cities Worldwide, I've decided to have my mixes for the world to enjoy! Please SHARE my mixes to anyone who loves music & retro particularly. I would also like to highlight that my original site for more than a decade, was 'hijacked' and was not returned to me. There is no affiliation or connection at all with my previous site. The 'X' added on my new site, symbolizes more than a decade of losing my original domain. This will be my new lab from here onwards.  A new journey. 

about the programme

'the best in retro with doctormix' was heard in more than 100 cities around the world. The audio virus spreaded to North & South America, Europe & Asia. The show will be available soon on Soundfyr. Now, I'm heading back to touring globally with my live DJ sets to a city near you. 

Check out my social media too. Livestream Shows will be starting soon on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Follow my journey please on all my social media:





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un-hosted, the spin doctor of retro will journey with you thru 3 decades of music from the 70s, 80s, 90s that are not heard for a long time on the airwaves using rare 12" mixes. Professionally programmed & mixed non-stop weekly.

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Radio Stations

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celebs lovin' doctormix

doctormix ON TOUR 1 Beerfest.jpeg


On Tour

Check out my recent gig @ Beerfest Asia SINGAPORE 2023 in the VVIP Hall.

doctormix ON TOUR 2 Beerfest_edited.jpg

FIREBRANDS & doctormix Tour Episodes


  • to be listened weekly for life

  • before and after food

  • blast the volume loud for effective listening

  • consult your doctor if addiction occurs

Warning: ​Mixes may cause addiction

Tour - Zouk KL 1.jpg

On Tour

for Bookings, send a request to

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Radio Stations

Check out an article featuring doctormix on Venus 105.1 in Asuncion, PARAGUAY.

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Double CD Collection

Can't get enough of the mixes? Grab this limited edition double CD soon!

I created Soundfyr

Soundfyr. A global home for Musicians, Fans, Talents & Professionals in the Music Industry, Music Related Businesses, Post Gig Videos, Watch Interviews & More. Available now on Google Play & The App Store. soundfyr, My Life, My Music! Any Language, Any Genre. It's FREE! ❤

Soundfyr - google play link
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